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Oracle SUN SPARC Server T8-4 and Server accessories

Oracle’s SPARC T8 servers are the world’s most advanced systems for enterprise workloads. Coengineering of hardware and software results in significantly faster performance for databases and Java applications compared with competitors’ systems, leading to more efficient software utilization. Oracle’s breakthrough second-generation Software in Silicon technology in the SPARC M8 processor accelerates Oracle Database In-Memory queries in Oracle Database 12c, and enables real-time analytics to be performed on OLTP databases and Java streams applications. Security in Silicon provides full-speed wide-key encryption, plus detection and prevention of attacks to application data in memory. The combination of the world’s highest performance with unique Software in Silicon features is the foundation for building the best and most secure mission-critical cloud infrastructure.

    product description

    Oracle's SPARC T8-4 server is a four-processor system that enables organizations to respond to IT demands with extreme security and performance at a lower cost compared to alternatives. It is ideal for a wide range of enterprise-class workloads, including databases, applications, Java, and middleware, especially in a cloud environment. This system is based on the SPARC M8 processor, using the revolutionary Software in Silicon technology from Oracle.
    Oracle's SPARC servers are coengineered with Oracle software for the best performance, efficiency, and security when running enterprise applications, OLTP, and analytics. With up to 2x better performance than competitor products, Oracle’s SPARC servers allow IT organizations to make the most of their investment in Java applications and database software.

    Key Benefits

    • Up to 2x faster performance than competitor systems for Java software, databases, and enterprise applications1
    • Extreme acceleration of Oracle Database In-Memory queries, especially for compressed databases
    • Ability to accelerate analytics on OLTP databases and Java applications, enabling real-time insight on transactional data
    • Unique protection of application data from memory attacks or exploits of software
    • End-to-end encryption of data with near-zero performance impact
    • Easy compliance management of application environments throughout their lifecycles, ensuring security of cloud infrastructure
    • Near-zero overhead virtualization for deploying more than 100 virtual machines per processor, lowering the cost per virtual machine
    • Advanced design that enables this four-processor system to outperform competitive eight-processor systems, lowering IT cost

    Key Features

    • Based on the advanced SPARC M8 processor, with proven second-generation Software in Silicon technology for efficiency, performance, and security
    • Scalability within the same family of servers from 32 to 256 cores with complete compatibility for applications and management
    • Oracle Solaris 11 operating system for secure and compliant application deployment through single-step patching and immutable zones
    • Built-in, no-cost virtualization technology with Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC
    • Guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications that run under Oracle Solaris 10, 9, and 8
    • Up to 102 TB of accelerated storage utilizing industry-standard NVMe technology in order to satisfy the most demanding I/O requirements
    • The highest levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) in a compact, energy-efficient footprint

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